Free Imagemapper

Free Imagemapper

Excellent free tool for anyone to create interactive HTML image maps

Free Imagemapper is one of the most user-friendly tools available to produce HTML image maps. Its simplicity of use makes it suitable for all types of users, novice and expert alike. This application allows you to add hyperlinks and comments to specific sections of an image, so that you can then navigate from each of them to their corresponding destination.

In order to help you map areas of different shapes and sizes, the program offers you specific tools designed to select square-, rectangle-, circular-, and polygon-shaped objects and sections of the image. You just need to select the shape that better fits the area to be linked and click with your mouse on it, following its perimeter in order to cover all the surface of the object in question with the default – though customizable - diagonal-cross pattern. You can then attach various pieces of information to each mapped area, such as the URL link where that area of the image will take you when double-clicked, an alternate text (useful for blind and visually impaired users using screen readers), a target frame, and a status text to be displayed when hovering your mouse over it and when moving your mouse pointer out of it. Besides, you can associate a number of events to each of the highlighted areas in the image map.

Free Imagemapper lets you preview your work-in-progress at any time, making sure that all the hyperlinks and actions included in the final HTML image map do behave the way they should.

This tool will save you the fuss of knowing and using the HTML tags required to map images, offering you an intuitive way of producing high-quality image maps that you can then embed in your web pages easily.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use, suitable for all types of users
  • Intuitive interface


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